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June 2021 General Update


This is the first post for my new website. Originally I wasn't sure if I should make it a blog or just a general site like my old DoodleTrip one, but I figured a blog would be the best fit, so I can have a place to write general game updates that don't fit anywhere else.

I have a feeling that if you're reading this then you probably already know who I am, but I'll just introduce myself anyway because that feels like what I should be doing lol.

My name is Ricky, I go by "RickyG" or "RickyGDev" in other places across the internet. I've been making games using Game Maker since I was 11 years old.

You probably know me best for my Undertale/Deltarune fangame project, "DONTFORGET", which you can find on GameJolt. It's an ongoing project consisting of two fangames - an Undertale-based MMORPG called "DF CONNECTED", and a Deltarune-based singleplayer RPG called "DF STORY MODE" (name not final).

Besides that, you might also know some of my older games, such as "Uppertale" (a fan-made Undertale sequel) and "FNaF Game Maker Edition" (a series of FNaF demakes drawn in MS Paint). Most of my older games are no longer available to play, but you can probably still find some let's plays of them out there if you want to see what they were like.

Before I made this site, I had a website dedicated to one of my personal projects called "DoodleTrip". However, I found myself wanting to use the site for more than just DoodleTrip, and in the end I decided to just make a new site altogether. The DoodleTrip website may return someday, once the project is further along. For now, its URLs redirect to here instead.

I'd like to use this site for a lot of things. Right now I share most of my general news/progress updates on the DONTFORGET Discord server, but I don't really want to use Discord much in the future. That's why this site exists, so that the stuff I would normally write there will have a place to go. I hope you'll stick around!

You can expect this site to receive progress updates on my various game projects, as well as writings about stuff I find interesting at the time. One idea I had was to write a long post about how I'd improve the mainline FNaF games, for example. So if that sounds like your cup of tea, check back every now and then. I'm not sure how often I'll use this site, but at the very least it'll be used more than the DoodleTrip site lol.

Anyway that's all, see ya around!

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