I am currently working on four projects right now. Take a look below!


DF Connected is a fan-made Undertale MMORPG. You can connect online using a GMServer account and play with other Undertale fans from across the globe! Come explore reimagined locations from Undertale and Deltarune, where you can reunite with old friends, make some new ones, and discover hidden secrets!


Using Undertale's signature battle system, you can decide whether to kill or spare the enemies you encounter along the way. You can also put your skills to the test by fighting against other players in a unique PvP system!

There's a wide range of playable characters from Undertale, Deltarune, a few AUs, and even other games like Earthbound, Persona, and OneShot!

DFC v2.7.3 is available now for Windows and Android on GameJolt! There are plans for two more major updates to the game, v2.8.0 and v3.0.0. The final major update will be v3.0.0, which is anticipated to release sometime in 2023.

You can download the game here: DONTFORGET [Undertale/Deltarune Project]


DF Story Mode (name not final) is a Deltarune fangame which acts as a fan-made sequel to the Undertale storyline. It is highly recommended that you've completed both Undertale (including the genocide route) and Deltarune (what's released of it so far) before playing this game.

In this game, you'll take control of a new character named "Harlow", who finds themselves dragged away from their peaceful hometown into a mysterious world shrouded in darkness. Together with some familiar faces, you'll need to journey across this strange new land in search of the fabled "ANGEL'S GATE", your only shot at returning things to normal. However, a sinister group known as HAPPY CORP are trying their hardest to stop you from reaching it...

DF Story Mode is anticipated to release in parts, starting from late-2023 to late-2024.


DeltaEngine is an upcoming open-source Deltarune engine for Game Maker Studio 1/2. It is a faithful recreation of Deltarune, with additional features to help bring your fangame ideas to life! This engine is being used to create DF Story Mode, but it'll also be available for public use at some point in the future!

It is recommended that you have intermediate knowledge of GML (Game Maker Language) before using DeltaEngine. There are comments around the code to help you understand what its doing, and there are plenty of templates to help make creating your own stuff easier, but to actually make use of the engine to its fullest potential, you'll need to be able to write your own code.

DeltaEngine is expected to release sometime in 2023.


DoodleTrip is a personal project that I've been thinking about since 2018. The general premise of the game is that you'll join a group of childhood friends, who meet up every day after school to explore an imaginary world they call "Pastelle", which lies within the pages of their sketchbooks.

I have no idea how long it'll take to make this game, so currently I have no release year in mind.